Simplified Digital Publishing Platform For Comic Creators And A Learning App Connecting Comics To Curriculum.
VComiQ Assessment modules are designed to be Fun, Encouraging and Guided. Grab your readers attention with interactive elements such as Images, Videos and Simple documents


A Simplified and Innovative solution to Create, Publish, Share your Courses and Content Online. Build a simple and highly engaging courses with a super simple and easy to use Solution. All you need is to do is Upload your course content to drop box and select the appropriate HTML template and generate link of your course and play or view it anywhere

G-virtual classroom

G-virtual Classroom is a fully enabled easy to use virtual platform for a seamless learning-teaching experience for all the stakeholders involved in the process. And for organizations, the same platform can be used as a Meeting/Conference Room.
GVC tools seamlessly integrate with zoom, so you get the best of video and virtual classroom management

Mobile App

gScrum confidence Jira

gScrum Confidence app empowers all the involved stakeholders in a project viz.Product Owner, Scrum Master and Scrum Member to adapt to the sprint issues on the go by assigning “Confidence levels” to user stories, and a Confidence board that shows all confidence levels of all issues on all projects in a single shot.

Mobile App


ilobeau Beauty Magazine is an inexpensive digital magazine designed to assist with promoting beauty professionals and their businesses locally by linking directly to their chosen social network or website. The client was dependent on the distribution of printed free copies to businesses in the Los Angeles County to help his customers find their target audience but with VIDYAYUG's help, he now has a mobile application to do the same with a much better outreach.

Mobile App

G-open lMS

An app to keep students and teachers connected with their content over a mobile platform – that is what G-open LMS is about. And when we talk about content, we are not talking about courses alone but all aspects related to education i.e. schedules, grades, team interactions, finances, classroom assignments… everything. The best SAKAI features loaded into a mobile app to make coursework a cakewalk.

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Web Application

Social media data analytics

An infrastructure that’s your organization’s eyes and ears for digital positioning, listening and monitoring. Whether its predictive analytics, social intelligence or reporting, VIDYAYUG's infrastructure can make your organization nimble to the dynamic changes in the market . All of this, while maintaining actionable insights with reduced cost on feeder services and social media data sets.

Web Application

DIY model

Do it Yourself (DIY) - build your brand with the website by choosing from the variety of templates from our repository. All of this without you having to possess coding or design knowledge. Just edit your designs by clicking, dragging and dropping and turn your ideas into reality on the fly.

Web Application

Ortho Training

Ortho Training platform is a continuous learning online platform for all dental students and practicing orthodontists no matter what the skill level. This EdTech platform includes features like course enrollment, course building, assessments and certifications to earn CE credits that can be used to renew dental licenses.

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