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our mission is to grow and succeed our partners and users in education technology

About us

who is vidyayug ?

Vidyayug started with the mission to meet the needs of technology in the education sector. Our success with Edtech solutions allowed us to expand our experience and expertise into the development of software solutions for small and medium business enterprises to suit their IT budgets. And through years, we have become the proficient end-to-end IT consultants, be it for web-based or mobile-based IT solutions, software development lifecycle and testing.

what we offer

our services

Our wide range of IT services - from prototyping to development, from testing to deployment, from hosting to maintenance will turn your business idea into a reality, will digitize your business strategy and enhance your processes and customers’ experience.

Custom Software Development

Web applications, or mobile apps, or applications for hybrid platforms or software that works efficiently across platforms - VIDYAYUG carries close to a decade’s worth experience and expertise to deliver you the most robust, scalable, secure and innovative software solutions. The code we write for you is of the highest quality

Software prototyping

Prototyping software development projects is quintessential to save a lot of your time and money – we at VIDYAYUG will help you achieve just that. Get an exact idea of how your idea is going to shape up using our software prototyping models. And the best part is you can do it yourself and you don’t need to know coding for it. With the help of VIDYAYUG’s software prototyping models, you will get to know what your software will look like and how it will perform before you even have begun developing it

Devops as a service

VIDYAYUG’s DevOps as a Service – to help you drive your project to new heights by improving your software quality, accelerating delivery and reducing project costs. Our DevOps as a Service model is for large enterprises and start-ups alike. While your development and operations teams can focus on delivering features to your customers, VIDYAYUG’s DevOps team will take care of the deployment pain points. Achieve higher efficiency, better quality of software builds and accelerate your delivery using VIDYAYUG’s DevOps service model


Cloud computing using Amazon or Azure services, or private cloud hosting, or hosting on a dedicated web server or shared hosting services – whatever be your requirement, VIDYAYUG has your business’ scalability, security and accessibility covered. VIDYAYUG’s hosting services will power your applications to the next level. Be it large enterprises or start-ups, our hosting services will cater to your needs of scaling both vertically and horizontally. Along with scalability, let your business become more responsiveness whilst being cost efficient – VIDYAYUG will ensure your services are delivered to your users securely and reliably

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Our Products

Mobile apps for scrum meetings, digital magazines or learning management system using Sakai, Edtech solutions for online learning or virtual platforms for learning-teaching, or use of Big Data Analytics for social media analysis or search engine optimization and build your website using a DIY model, Vidyayug has developed a wide array of products across various platforms to meet the client’s requirements. Or, clients can come and choose our in-house products to fit their business model.


gScrumConfidence-Jira is a mobile app that improves yore Agile daily standup meeting by letting the team log their issues and comments before you gather.


First of its kind! ilobeau Beauty Magazine is an inexpensive digital magazine designed to assist with promoting beauty professionals and their businesses locally by linking directly to their chosen social network or website.

G-Open LMS

ITYUG created a mobile app for sakai LMS access, user can perform all the functionalities on sakai LMS like view, update and delete without using browser.




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