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The Vidyayug platform provides a comprehensive management platform to manage and run any School District or a group of Institutions using the concept of Multi-Tenancy.

It comes packed with the following features:
     *  SingleSignOn
     *  Integration
     *  G-Connect
     *  Plugin Friendly


The SingleSignOn utility removes your worries about having to remember multiple Login IDs and Passwords with its facility of creating a single ID for multiple accesses.


Easy integration with third-party tools. Most schools have adopted different tools to accomplish various functions but they do not interact or integrate with each other.
G-Campus provides an open integration environment that combines the power of Kaleo work flow management and multiple open source environments into one portal.


Get connected to multiple Virtual Teams and Communities where people work independently with shared purpose.

Plugin Friendly

Our plug-in architecture makes it extremely easy for schools that already have major systems installed, to avail the benefits of our LCMS. Irrespective of what specific platforms such existing systems run on, G-Campus can drive outputs from them and deliver as needed.