Mobile Solutions

Vidyayug has developed a mobile-based solution for Open Source LMS Community.

Vidyayug, LLC took the initiative to provide an Android-based mobile app which exposes the current capability in Open Source LMS mobile support. Community can download mSakai mobile app under Google Play for no cost. Additional device related apps will be developed and made available based on community feedback to the Android-based mSakai mobile app.

mSakai App

  • mSakai interoperates with Open Source LMS provided mobile infrastructure. Currently there is not ready to use mobile app for the Open Source LMS community. There have been independent efforts and mobile apps released by various institutions for their own user needs.  Open Source LMS community actively worked and released mobile compatible views in the current available production releases.
  • At this time couple of efforts underway, namely Keitai project and Morpheus to release the next generation of mobile capability to Open Source LMS related services and functionality. Using this capability community can build their own mobile apps. However cost is a major issue.

Upcoming Features

  • Services and mobile apps related to Keitai and Morpheus responsive designs will be made available through the same mSakai mobile app in the near future. This will help future proof the adoption and transition as more capabilities are made available through our efforts and community support. Additional language support will be enabled on the mobile devices based on community requests.
  • Vidyayug will work with other community initiatives and infrastructure provided to upgrade the mobile offering to millions of Open Source LMS users across the world.
    connect to Keitai services, Morpheus mSakai project , Administrators  request to add Universities , feedback on the app should go to our feedback portlet..

How it can be used

  • Administrators of individual Open Source LMS universities can provide and request Vidyayug to configure and easily make available the access points to their institutions, Open Source LMS community supported mobile site. Alternatively, each individual user can configure the access point to their institutions Open Source LMS environment.
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