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Global Campus

The purpose of education is to help students find their calling in life and equip them with all the tools they need to make a positive difference.

Education can be confusing and almost impossible to manage. There is complex bureaucracy, endless choices, constant measurement, relentless change and expectations that are sometimes met, and sometimes not.

How you experience the educational process depends on your perspective. Students, parents, teachers and educational administrators all see it differently, often a lot differently.

A new tool gives all stakeholders the ability to align and focus all aspects of the education process for the greater good!

An online tool called "Global Classroom" or G-Classroom for short has the potential to rocket education to new levels of possibilities. At long last student, teachers, parents and educational administrators have one tool that:

  • Aligns, simplifies, and energizes the entire educational process - options, schedules, grades, team interactions, finances, classroom assignments‚Ķeverything.
  • Creates a helpful new level of accessibility to anything, anyone wants to know.
  • Significantly increases the student's sense of purpose and progress in their education.
  • Above all, brings the focus back on the student and their ultimate success in life.

Global Classroom (G-Classroom) is an affordable, robust, plug-and-play, open-source, online e-learning platform, based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that integrates all your existing training needs and tools.


Teachers & Trainers
Educational Institutions and Corporations