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The purpose of education is to help students find their calling in life and equip them with all the tools they need to make a positive difference.

Education can be confusing and almost impossible to manage. There is complex bureaucracy, endless choices, constant measurement, relentless change and expectations that are sometimes met, and sometimes not.

How you experience the educational process depends on your perspective. Students, parents, teachers and educational administrators all see it differently, often a lot differently.

A new tool gives all stakeholders the ability to align and focus all aspects of the education process for the greater good!

An online tool called "Global Classroom" or G-Classroom for short has the potential to rocket education to new levels of possibilities. At long last student, teachers, parents and educational administrators have one tool that:

  • Aligns, simplifies, and energizes the entire educational process - options, schedules, grades, team interactions, finances, classroom assignments…everything.
  • Creates a helpful new level of accessibility to anything, anyone wants to know.
  • Significantly increases the student's sense of purpose and progress in their education.
  • Above all, brings the focus back on the student and their ultimate success in life.

Global Classroom (G-Classroom) is an affordable, robust, plug-and-play, open-source, online e-learning platform, based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that integrates all your existing training needs and tools.


Teachers & Trainers
Educational Institutions and Corporations
How it Benefits Educational Institutions and Corporations
How it Benefits Educational Institutions and Corporations
  • Uniquely brand all your offerings establishing credibility and engagement throughout your communities
  • Significantly reduce the cost of providing eLearning programs to students, employees and managers
  • Increase your educational offerings by easy customization of programs and courses.
  • Manage your training strategies and track the enrollment, progress and success of participants
  • Greatly expand enrollment among your constituents
  • Ensure SCORM-compliant programing
Marketing benefits
  • Save Time & Money.
  • Create your own branded training-ready website in one-click.
  • Payment processing, shopping cart, and ecommerce capabilities.
Management benefits of using an integrated platform
A comprehensive management package that includes:
  • G-Notify: Instantly notify various stakeholders about anything via Emails and SMS.
  • G-Meeting: Connect with your peers and counter parts via Web Meetings.
  • G-Connect: Get connected to multiple Virtual Teams and Communities where people work independently with shared purpose.
  • G-FileShare: Share files and other data on the go using this tool.
  • G-Forms: Form creation and modification made easy through built-in templates. Publish forms, inform via Email or SMS, use the form in any page of your website by getting the html code, and paste it in the page of your website. Filter the forms based on specified criteria and generate reports on respective forms.
Provide maximum benefit of virtual education via G-Meetings
  • Web conferencing for training and instruction
  • Eliminates the time and cost of travel, yet allows the entire team or class to be in one place at one time
  • Ability to provide blended learning environment
  • Team leaders and instructors can make impressive Power Point presentations to employees, supply team members or trainees as well as leave them with fact sheets when the training concludes
New possibilities in course design and management
  • Create and design effective, organization-specific training courses and educate your team
  • Organizations can create and accommodate content changes with cost effectiveness
  • Institutions/Companies can customize courses based on own needs and add content by uploading SCORM, Videos, PDF, Flash, and any other documents that you use for training
  • Management modules (Admission and Enrollment forms)
  • Content management system
  • Targeted course catalogs
  • Assistance in creating value added courses and help students learn and practice 21st century skills in a safe environment
  • Tools to automate routine tasks, digitally deliver, collect, process teaching material and tests with minimal efforts
  • Data import wizards and courses via csv or API's
  • Supports e-learning standards such as SCORM and tested with content produced by softchalk authoring tool
  • Content can be created as SCORM-compliant and imported into any other learning management system
  • Content for online training created once and used in many systems and situations without modifications
  • Content can be sold and delivered to the user more quickly, more robustly, and at a lower price
Multi-Tenancy benefits
  • Organization hierarchy and segregation of sites that support management, Reporting and Tracking
  • Custom attribute management to support organizations unique needs
  • Remember multiple Login IDs and Passwords with this facility of single ID for multiple accesses
Benefits of G-SingleSignOn
  • Manage sub-organizations or instructions under the same umbrella from single window
  • Make your training process seamless among different business types and manage them under single platform
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party systems
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