All-in-one Platform

VIDYAYUG provides an all-in-one platform that benfits institutions and also the various stakeholders. It addresses the whole student life cycle process. The platform includes a robust portal content management and learning management which supports blended learning.

With this platform, students will experience a more engaged learning, parents will be involved, teachers have more opportunities for professional development and school administrators can efficiently manage all activities of the community on a single digital platform.

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Efficient Classrooms
  • Increase visibility to student data that helps meet the mandates of governing bodies, and also help obtain more funding for the schools.
  • Improve faculty and student efficiency levels by means of tools that automate routine tasks, thus freeing up precious time.

Strong Curriculum Management Support
  • Automate updates to be made to the curriculum easily. Tools such as iRubrics integration help automate assessments in case of Common core.
  • Opportunities for professional development.
  • Easily upload/update any content that is standard compliant and supports the curriculum.
  • Reuse of content provided in SCORM, iRubrics built by the global community saves time and effort. Sharing of such resources leads to a mutual benefit of instructors within the school.

Effective Management
  • Effectively manage all activities of the school community in one place.
  • Make managing day-to-day functions of the various stakeholders much more easy and effective.
  • Get, manage, and send information to the targeted audience.
  • Reduce overall maintenance and improve accuracy by linking and updating profiles from existing student information systems. Manage, guide, and monitor academic staff.
  • A customizable, personalized content for all the stakeholders of an institution – students, faculty, administrators, and parents.
  • Application process, communication, collaboration, feedback, and learning made easier.
  • Help bring the school community together, provide a conducive and collaborative environment, and help delivery of effective education.
  • Remove the woes of having to manage multiple login IDs and passwords with a SingleSignOn utility.
  • Make community support easily accessible to the teachers and parents and improve group management and collaboration that leads to the success of students globally.

Increase Stakeholder Engagement
    Increase Stakeholder Engagement
  • Increase and make interaction between the various stakeholders easier by means of the latest tools such as Forums, Blogs, and Message Boards.
  • Increase Parental involvement as advocates in a number of activities that lends a helping hand to improve both academic and social activities.
  • Increase Student achievements by providing tools to involve Parents.
  • Get digitally connected and utilize technology-based tools and services in their own personalized views and dashboards.
  • Engage and inform busy stakeholders using easy-to-use interfaces, simple views, aggregated "My To-Do's", and push notification facilities.

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